5 Pillars Wellness

Stress Management Services


Length of workshops can vary from half-day, full-day, two-days to a series of workshops.  The goal is to give participants an initial immersion into the process of re-framing stress followed by participating in ongoing stress resilience work groups.  Services are tailored to your needs.

Re-framing Stress

The key topics that contribute to stress are covered depending on the need of the company and the length of the workshop desired.  Topics are discussed in depth during the customized planning session prior to each training.

Other Workshop Topics Include :

  • Stress-less Time Management
  • Resolving Workplace Conflict
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Freedom from Worry & Anxiety
  • Managing Energy for Peak Performance
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Energy Balancing for Optimal Health
  • Tension Tamers:  Effective Stress Management Practices

Individual Sessions

Individual sessions include work with many stress reducing natural modalities including Energy Medicine, Energy Psychology, mindfulness, meditation, and Reiki.   Sessions are offered in varying increments of 30 to 60 minutes on site.  Off-site sessions can also be set-up by appointment.

Arrangements can be made to work with executive team or individuals who desire a customized approach to stress management. 

Stress Resilience Work Groups

Habits take time to change.  Sitting in a class and learning new effective ways to reduce and re-frame stress is the starting point but we also offer regular Stress Resilience work groups to develop and reinforce new habits. 

Consulting Services

Assessing organizational issues that may need to change is also an important component in order to implement a successful department or company-wide change.

Public Speaking

Christine does public speaking on a variety of wellness topics that enlighten and empower people to own their health and well-being with tips and  proven techniques that help restore balance.   Fun, interactive and thought provoking.