It might not be you, but actually your home or office that is creating them.

It’s not just how nice your home or office looks or how clean you keep it. There is energy at a level we cannot see that may be playing havoc with your health and happiness.

 Your challenges could be the result of geopathic stress, or other earth and man-made imbalances such as the influence of electrical lines, cell and microwave energy.  Any and all of these create symptoms of a stressed energetic field, or stress zone, that can affect your home and thus your life in several ways.

​​An effective form of environmental healing is called Dowsing.  This ancient proven practice may be your answer to correct these imbalances.

Benefits of Dowsing
Dowsing helps you to find the stress zones in your home and property that may create:

  • Lack of sleep
  • Money/finance issues
  • Romance/relationship problems
  • Difficulties with concentration and focus
  • A weak immune system
  • A general sense of unease or discomfort

 Once your home is dowsed, you may find improvements in your finances, relationships, health and well-being. In essence, the environmental energy impact has been healed. Your home environment when balanced can feel positive, supportive, and peaceful providing you with a sense of calm. After all, your home should be a sanctuary for you, your family and friends.

Space Clearing

You have heard the saying “If the walls had ears....”  In essence they have eyes, ears and a memory! Everything that happens in a building – all actions, emotions, conflicts, trauma, chaos and illness leave an energetic imprint on the physical structure, spaces, furnishings, etc.

Clearing the etheric, emotional, mental and spiritual space of your house can help release past energy and influences of lower vibrational energy patterns that may be imprinted into the energy field.  If the imprints are not cleared over time they can attract even more dense unwanted energy.  Space clearing is especially important when you:

  • Know the history of the home has been: illness, death,  debt, depression,  trauma or conflict
  • Do not like the energy in your home/office or in certain rooms 
  • Move into a new home or space
  • Notice more conflict in the home/office that were not present before
  • Cannot get a bad smell out of the space
  • Have nightmares regularly and/or sleep poorly
  • Know the property is  near a cemetery, bar, hospital or historic site
  • Have a good number of antiques or family heirlooms
  • Think you may have a wandering spirit, ghost or entity
  • Want to sell or rent your home but there is little interest, or it’s been listed for a long time

 Space clearing is always one piece of the complete dowsing process.  It clears the property and land initially and  then helps integrate the new energy patterns that are created after the dowsing cures are put into place.  However,  it is also a process that can be done as a stand-alone service.  It is a powerful way to create a fresh, high vibrational atmosphere to support you and your loved ones.

If your home or office need to be cleared, contact me.  I have dowsed and space cleared homes and properties both locally and in other states. I offer a 15-minute complimentary consultation to help you determine if dowsing can help you and your situation. Please contact me to get a copy of my FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) for an introduction to Dowsing and space clearing and to set up an appointment.

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Dowsing & Energy Space Clearing

Client’s Comments:

"As a realtor, even in this seller's market, there are some homes that just don't sell easily.  Christine's space clearing  services have helped me sell a number of houses that had stalled out.  She is right on with her insights about the house and its energy and issues.  I find her services invaluable."    JC  Pennsylvania

“A couple of family members have suffered from serious illnesses and health ailments which left a heavy feeling in some rooms and spaces. There were also places in our home where there was a sense of discomfort and unease. Even though our home is nearly 3,000 miles away, Christine did an exceptional job of bringing balance and peacefulness into our home through Dowsing and Space Clearing.  It feels wonderful!”  MMR – Washington

 “I had a wandering spirit on my property that caused me to feel irritated when outside.  After the dowsing/clearing the yard and house feel inviting and pleasant again. I know the spirit and historic trauma on my property has been released. I am delighted to be inside or out enjoying my home.”             

MJ - Delaware

"I am so happy about the changes we are experiencing all around us after the space clearing and dowsing!  Positive things are happening to us and my son's behaviour has changed so much in a positive way!  I truly feel a lot better in my house and on my property.  Thank you!"  MG - England

"I need to tell you that even through the process is not complete yet, we are seeing some positive shifts already!  A really significant positive shift has happened with our oldest son in particular.  We can't thank you enough for your hep!"   EP - Illinois