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Christine Kurz, owner of 5 Pillars Wellness, has over 30 years of proven business and healthcare experience.  Her career includes work in healthcare organizations, over 15 years in corporate leadership roles at a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company and two start-ups, plus over 15 years of owning her own wellness business. The impact of stress that she observed and lived first-hand at an executive level led her to develop a unique holistic  approach to managing workplace stress and helping individuals understand how to re-claim their health.

 Christine is married and the mother of twin boys.  She  lives wellness in her own life on a daily basis.  It was through her own health challenge, as well as other family members, that she was drawn to wellness and the power of re-balancing the body to activate  self-healing.  She has been certified in  many complementary disciplines that help change old patterns, re-balance energy and develop stress-resilience.

She passionately believes that we all have a magnificent self-healing body that can and does help us to heal if it is brought back to a state of homeostasis or balance.  Combining services that focus on the body/mind connection are essential to re-establish balance and reduce stress and dis-ease. Through her private practice she has seen the power of helping others release that which does not serve them and re-balance energy so the body and mind can heal.  Read some of her clients' comments.