5 Pillars Wellness

​​​​​​​​​​Health & Wellness Sessionsin Wilmington, DE

When your body is out of balance it impacts your very essence: body, mind and spirit.  Our individual sessions focus on your specific needs whether it is a hands-on integration of tips and techniques for developing stress resilience or a relaxing and re-balancing energy session.  You set the goals and we decide together what will provide the most positive outcome during your session.  

Session on average run 60-90 minutes.   A 15-minute

complimentary phone consult is offered for first time clients.                                                          Call to learn more or to schedule your appointment: 302-383-0517.


  Clearings, Activations & Healing

​Ancestral Clearing
Just like your physical features that you inherit you also inherit emotional patterns from both sides of your family.  If it feels like you are dealing with some of the same issues, emotions, and patterns that you have seen in your family, why not heal and release those patterns once and for all?  This work directly connects to your ancestral lineage to do so.

Birthday Activation 

On the day you were born the good Lord and the universe celebrated!  Welcoming your soul into this beautiful world was cause for great joy.  Every year on your birthday this cosmic celebration of your life still occurs.  Allow me to guide you in a birthday meditation and activation to clear any undesirable energy created over the last year and to help you connect to any messages or spiritual gifts that are waiting for you to claim and activate! Also, great to give as a gift to a family member or friend! The Meditation is 60 minutes.

Soul Retrieval 

If you have experienced significant trauma in this lifetime or others, it is possible that a part of your soul energy was left behind and has become trapped in that time period.  Some people describe it as a feeling that they are not complete, or they feel troubled by the past. The purpose of this work is to free the soul fragments and return them to you oversoul for compete healing.

Karma Clearing

We all may have a different definition of karma, but to me it is the energy/patterns we either create in this lifetime or bring in from past lives that is keeping us out of balance and disconnected from oneness.  During this clearing we identify the karmic blocks, release them and fill the space with quantum healing energy. 

Black Pearl - Rest & Relax

Give yourself the gift of letting go, de-stressing and releasing the cares of the world.  A restorative session to help free your body, mind and spirit from the daily effects of stress so that you can deeply relax and be at peace.  When the mind quiets the body can re-balance.

Energy Medicine Assessment & Re-balancing (90 minutes)

A full assessment of your energy system to establish a baseline and determine where your body is out of balance.  The practitioner re-balances, unblocks and connects your energy systems. You are given a customized energy plan to work with.  Living in balance is the secret to health.

  • Additional Energy Medicine Services:

          -  Pain Techniques, including Hopi Indian  

          -  Five Rhythm Balancing 

          -  Electrics Session

          -  Hormonal Balancing

          -  Cancer Re-balancing protocols 

          -  Heart Issue  Re-balancing protocols

          -  Ancient Echoes  - releasing the past

​Reiki Energy/Crystal Reiki 
Pronounced Ray Key -Is a light touch therapy used to relax, re-charge and re-balance the body's vibrational energy to help activate the body's own healing abilities.  Crystals can also be added to the session for additional healing and strengthening the connection between heaven and earth energy.

Emotional Release 

A powerful combination of the energy modalities to release emotional baggage and help re-balance your body.   Session may include any of the above offerings and/or:

  • Theta Healing 

It changes how the mind influences the body, releasing old habits and feelings changing deep patterns and even shifting DNA.

  • Energy Psychology/EFT

Tapping on specific energy points on the body is very effective in releasing tough, ingrained emotional patterns that govern our behavior.  These tools are easy to use and very effective especially when combined with the use of essential oils.