Essential Oils

Pure, high quality, therapeutic grade essential oils facilitate healing  for

people and animals.  They are sometimes referred to as mankind's first

medicine since they are derived from plants.  Producing the purest oils can

be very costly but the  benefits are enormous promoting emotional, physical

and spiritual healing.  After trying many oils I believe that Young Living is the best. If you'd like to try an oil and learn how to save close to 25% on your order, or you'd like to join my team,  please visit my website Products  My distributor ID is: 1183749.

                                ASEA (ah  see ah)

                                  Stress, aging, exposure to the environment and health issues  rob our   

                                  body of its ability to make and effectively use a molecule called redox                                                               signaling which is essential for maintaining peak cellular efficiency.                                                                   Redox molecules boost our natural anti-oxidants 500% and are essential for cellular communication that keeps our bodies dis-ease free.  RENU 28 is a new topical form of ASEA that is making news.  If  you have skin conditions, age spots, scars, or wrinkles, you need to see what this product can do. It's amazing! I encourage you to visit my product website to get educated to see if this product can assist you in  your healing. Products  Be sure to check out the ground breaking research on how ASEA is assisting athletes  with endurance and recovery.  My distributor ID is: 823080200 come join my team.


     Health & Wellness Products

There are many wonderful wellness products on the marketplace that can assist us in our healing journey.  After years of working with many different technologies and companies there are a few that I have found to be most helpful in the healing process.  I encourage you to explore and see if any of these can help you. Call me with any questions.

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