5 Pillars Wellness

My Story

Hind sight is always 20/20.  In looking back over 20 years ago I see that I was living a high level  of stress daily and didn't know it.  There were  signs in my life of a potential mishap waiting to happen but I was not making the connection.  I was in a division of a large pharmaceutical company at a Vice-President level traveling the country and at times the world.  I was married with twin sons who were under the age of five.  I had 40+ people I managed  and life was hectic  and sometimes on the verge of being out of control.  Although I had many stressful days and at times I knew my life was crazy,  stress management had not even made the radar screen of businesses yet nor would I have recognized the stress symptoms in my life.  I just thought this fast-paced high-stress existence was what I had to do to be a successful female executive and mom.  

Somewhere along that path I developed a heart arrhythmia, which is an  irregular heartbeat, and I had to be put on medications.  That was a horror story in and of itself.  I missed more days due to medication side-effects than I did due to my heart condition.  Finally the light bulb went on and I realized something had to change.  I knew the path I was on could lead to my demise and western medicine had limited options for me. I started exploring complementary wellness services and that journey ultimately helped me to heal my heart.  I have had no symptoms for over 15 years,  I’m on no medications and my EKGs are normal.  When I understood the power of balance in my life and the tools that had helped me and could help other people it changed my life forever.

I’ve always kept one foot in the corporate world doing workshops and training sessions  but for the last five years I’ve predominately had a private practice where I have seen these wellness tools help my client's  achieve amazing results .  I am not a doctor.  I do not diagnose, treat or heal health issues, but I do work with  stress reduction tools that are safe and effective.   Many of the tools are the ones I  used  and still use personally that incorporate a holistic approach to regain balance in life.  I now offer my consulting, training and personal session services to companies who have high stress cultures and choose  to invest in their employee well-being and to individuals who want to bring their life back into balance..

Background:  Christine has an MBA from Drexel.  Her wellness training includes certifications and training in many different wellness modalities including:  Reiki, Energy Medicine, Quantum Touch, Aromatherapy, EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), Inner Diamond work, mindfulness and a number of different energy psychology disciplines.