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Your Ener-chi Body

If you are interested in improving your health and in healing it is important to learn about your energy body.  I call it ener-chi  since chi (pronounced chee) is the Chinese term for energy.   Even though most of us cannot see it,  we all have one.  Just as with everything in nature, it strives to be in balance, or homeostasis,  so it can better support us.  Simple adjustments to different parts may improve our health and well-being by leaps and bounds.

At the most basic level the three main parts of the ener-chi  body  include:

  • Aura- our outer energy system that energetically protects us and keeps us grounded.  Some of you may have actually seen your aura if you have ever had a Kirlian picture taken of your aura at a health fair.  It is beautifully colored and ever changing.
  • Meridians - the body's energy "bloodstream." There are 14 pathways 12 of them responsible for bringing energy to one or more organs or physiological systems, muscles and cells of the body.  They have a specific pattern and a directional flow.
  • Chakras - shaped like a disk or spinning wheel the chakras are energy stations along the energy system.  They feed or influence the health of organs within their proximity and they govern the endocrine system. There are 7 major chakras that are located along the human spine.

Why is this important?  If you are feeling "invisible," you are thrown off by the environment or other people's energies or you are having problems communicating, you may need work on your auric field.  If your emotions are out of balance then chakra work may be an important area to focus on.  Disturbances in the energy flow of the meridians are linked to ill health.  The total picture is much more complex, of course, but the good news is that healthy energies equate to a healthy body.  Learning about Ener-chi  Medicine and how to care for your Ener-chi  body is something anyone can learn to do.  This is an essential component that should be a part of a daily healthcare routine.

On a regular basis I provide an  Ener-chi  Tip, a first step in working with your magnificent ener-chi  body! Look for my blog and schedule a private session to find out if your basic energy is balanced and supporting you!