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Diamond Life Transformational Coaching

For a number of years I have been coaching many clients on their wellness journey.  The sessions have been both in person and over the phone.  The goal is to help you re-balance  your energy to return to a state of homeostasis, or balance:  Together we work to:

  • Identify and get to the core of the issues causing individuals to be out of balance
  • Release old emotional patterns that are destructive and often impacting both physical and emotional health.  
  • Examine and recommend changes to lifestyles that are not supporting spiritual or emotional goals including: diet,  environment, energetic, emotional and physical aspects
  • Energy test supplement/vitamin s/food to see if they strengthen your energy field
  • Recommend other experts if additional assistance is needed.

I will continue to offer my usual coaching services but I have added an additional aspect to my coaching though my studies with Marie Diamond:  Diamond Life Transformational Coaching.

Marie Diamond is an expert in Feng Shui and transformational energy.  She was one of the experts in the powerful video The Secret.    Marie has combined her knowledge, expertise and experience to create a coaching program that  helps you transform your life to get the best results in attracting and maximizing your:

  • Success
  • Abundance
  • Health 
  • Wisdom

I have been personally trained and certified by Marie and I look forward to working with you and sharing these excellent coaching  techniques.  The sessions are done via Zoom so you can take part in the comfort on your own home or office.  The recording is then sent to you to review and use.  To learn more contact me here 

You can also visit Marie's website to learn more abut her background.